Friday, May 24, 2013

This isn't Africa, Toto

Well, the time has long passed since I've returned from Rwanda. Am I changed? Undoubtedly. Will I go back? I hope so.  But now, I'm back in America, unsure what to do with myself and my sweet fiance says I should write something. And though I doubt anyone is still checking to see what exciting thing I might say next, write I shall.

But where to begin? A play by play of my exciting life? A catch up on the last 2 years?

This morning my apartment's water was turned off for a bit. They had warned me last night, but I forgot and hurriedly hopped into the shower in hopes of beating the repairman. I was successful, until it was time for conditioner, then suddenly the water started to disappear. But don't you worry, just enough dribbled out for a good-enough rinse, and I felt a little smug about my feat. I am still thankful every time I turn on a shower, where the water comes straight out of the faucet, doesn't blow off the shower head, or need to be turned on outside, hot, and plentiful.

I won't say that living in Rwanda made me so much of a better person, that I only use a gallon of water a day now, or I've completely given up the use of plastic bags, or that I savor every bit of food that doesn't include matoke (plantains), chips (french fries) or goat (goat), but I do still appreciate the little things more and I think my heart beats more deeply than it used to.

So for all the children carrying water on your head, all the grown-ups putting Nido in your tea or coffee, all the missionaries missing carpet, AC and having your own car, I salute you. And you're welcome in my home anytime.

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